This product from Reolink comes with up to two units to ensure security in your home. You would plug it into a power outlet with 2 amperes and 5 volts phone adapter. Also, this unit can run constantly from the solar panel. The package also includes a micro USB connector for connecting with the panel. It is very simple and quick to set up on your own. There is no need to drill holes in the wall. The camera is designed with an adjustable magnetic mount so that you can attach without needing wires.
The Wi-Fi connectivity and rechargeable battery makes it completely wire-free. The advanced CMOS sensor can provide 1080p images and color vision at night from a distance of up to 33 feet. Also, the intelligent PIR sensor can detect motions and trigger alerts such as siren, email, or push. With a wide field of vision, this camera can cover a large area of your property with greater details. The whole construction is IP65 waterproof to resist rain and snow.
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