The Reolink RLC-420 is one of the best security cameras on the market with many advanced features. The unit is powered by Ethernet with Cat 6 and Cat 5 cable. This helps reduce the needs for running wires and allows for fast and stable data transmission. The camera comes with a high resolution of up to 2560 x 1440, thus providing super clear and detailed images. You can also get live videos without missing any details. It is possible to see a wider view with the 80-degree angle. Each image comes with 4 megapixels.
Thanks to the infrared LEDs, the device can provide night vision of up to 100 feet. This can help you capture evidence of vandalism and theft which happen in low light conditions. When dangers are detected, this camera will alert you by sending notifications to your phones or emails. Also, it can save and upload videos or images to the FTP server. You can choose to produce particular motion detecting areas to monitor some zones that you need. Also, it is possible to change the sensitivity to minimize false alerts.
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