If you want to cook more than just two at a time, Chef’s Choice 8400 Waffle Maker will please you. As a whole, there is one pan only but it has 5 heart-shaped slots, so you can get five deep-pocket pizzelles in just the seconds. This waffle maker has a unique feature with the help of that you can pre-set the mode of baking. Like ‘deep-bake mode’ or crisp exterior/ moist interior mode. Though it is a bit pricey, the compact design and
easy-to-use functionality makes it a popular choice among the Pizzelle lovers.
994/84ไปต่อกับ ฅนปีมะ/แอดมาลี/อ.โกย/อ.สมหมาย/อ.ฐา 16/12/63