A-Zone is known for providing high-quality yet affordable products, and this outdoor camera is no exception. It is IP66 waterproof to endure a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees. Also, the unit can withstand other extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, and wind. That’s why it is ideal for both commercial and residential areas. The package also includes an SD card of up to 64 GB to record files. This device is designed with a built-in responsive microphone so that you could talk and listen via the app. Two-way audio enables you to talk with welcomed relatives or friends, as well as get rid of unexpected animals or guests.
With highly sensitive sensors and advanced algorithms, this camera can minimize false alerts. Also, it will send directly to your smartphone through the app or email. The images will come in high resolutions of 1080p and 3MP. Combined with a universal ball mount and 82-degree lens, it can offer clarity in all directions. You would even use it at night or low light conditions with perfect details. This camera is very simple to install on your own.
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